Speed Limit Alerts - Editing the Posted Speed

Speed Limit Alerts - Editing the Posted Speed on Google Maps

You may find roads/locations where the actual posted speed limit is different than the speed limit stored in the database. You may use the steps below to help update the database with the correct information.

To edit the Posted Speed Limit displayed on Google Maps to reflect the correct speed, select the Speed Limit alert balloon on the Map.

Once this is selected, click on the black & yellow question mark next to posted speed. This will open a window with a "How To" video for changing the speed alerts, as well as a link to Google Maps where you can submit a change to Google.

Clicking on the link will open a new tab or window in your browser, and will take you to Google Maps with that particular road pre-selected (you may need to close an instructional overlay that may be covering the map).

Note: Please make sure that you are logged in to a Google/Gmail Account and that the road selected in Google Maps is the correct road you want to edit.

You should see the map with the road in question on the right side of the screen and the name of the road with some options on the left side of the screen. On the left side below the road name, select "edit", then "edit this route" from the drop down menu that appears.

Once "Edit this route" is selected, there will be several fields which can be edited, but the specific one that will need to be edited in order to correct the posted speed limit is "Max speed (mph)" in the top right of the "Road Attributes" section.

Once the "Max speed (mph)" is properly corrected, select "Save" on the bottom of the menu. This will then submit the change to Google for approval. If Google accepts the change, the road's posted speed limit will be adjusted on Google Maps and our system.


Shortly after making the change you should receive an email to your GMail address acknowledging your edit.